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Commercial Snow Clearance Services UK

Commercial snow removal services across the UK for winter maintenance and road safety

Clear road after snow removal services

Snow presents a variety of potential problems and risks to businesses and the public alike.  If snow is not cleared from roads and pedestrianpathways it can rapidly compact and form a thick layer of ice as it melts and refreezes.  Moreover, the clearance of snow is a necessary prerequisite for the effective application of de-icing salt.

Commercial snow removal vehicle clearing car park

Complete Ice Control employs a number of different methods to clear snow, each one suited to different circumstances; from hand shovels for small footpaths to fully mechanised solutions such as in the image above.

Cost Efficiency

The good news is that with a proper gritting regimen in place, the need for snow clearance is greatly diminished as only very heavy snowfall will settle on top of gritting salt.  This is by far a more cost effective solution than constant snow clearing and is the main reason why the majority of our clients opt for a "Zero-and-below" contract; gritting under this type of agreement is carried out proactively (before snow is due to fall) based on daily local weather forecasts.

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Snow removal vehicle clearing car park

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